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Stella Art Foundation turns 20 years old. Boris Orlov's interview

29 сентября 2023 Stella Art Foundation turns 20 years old. Boris Orlov's interview

Cooperation between Stella Art Foundation and Boris Orlov, the artist who was one of the most significant figures of Sots art, resulted in a joint realization of a unique exhibition-intervention “Circle of Heroes” at the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum (2010-2011). These days the Foundation is preparing the new exhibition, which Orlov participates in again. The project marks the opening of Stella Art Foundation’s renovated art space at Mercury Tower, Moscow-City.
This is how the artist answered questions by Boris Manner, senior curator of Stella Art Foundation:
1.The Foundation did a lot over the 20 years of its work. How would you like to evaluate it and what can you say about the Foundation’s role in the development of Russian contemporary art?
Most state museums do not have resources and even aspirations to work with contemporary art, so private foundations have taken on this function. Unfortunately, all of them can be counted on one hand’s fingers. But Stella Art Foundation is on the list.
2.What exhibitions and projects of the Foundation you consider to be the most impressive?
The Foundation has collected many good art pieces and held a number of bright exhibitions both in Moscow and abroad. In my opinion, the most significant exhibitions took place at the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum.
3.The Foundation has changed its location and will open the new space in Mercury Tower. The new venue is almost 10 times larger than the space on Skaryatinsky, which allows the Foundation to embody any wide-ranging project with its own resources. What are your expectations and what would you like to advise to the Foundation’s team regarding these changes?
I would recommend Stella Art Foundation to popularize contemporary art in Russian regional museums. Beside scientific and educational purposes, this goal-oriented promotion could induce local Morozovs and Mamontovs to create their own collections and foundations.
4.Boris, the premises of Stella Art Foundation open with the exhibition, which your works are a part of. Sergei Shekhovtsov participates as well. Is this project a continuation of your previous cooperation with the Foundation or something brand new?
Of course, the upcoming exhibition continues my cooperation with the Foundation.