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Stella Art Foundation turns 20 years old. Andrei Monastyrski's interview

Stella Art Foundation / 18 августа 2023 Stella Art Foundation turns 20 years old. Andrei Monastyrski's interview

This November Stella Art Foundation turns 20 years old. In two decades of work, the Foundation brought to life many interesting projects with acknowledged people from the contemporary art scene. However, today the Foundation’s attention lays not only on past achievements, but on future perspectives as well: the Foundation opens a new space in a month. This time the location is Mercury Tower, Moscow City.

Boris Manner, senior curator of Stella Art Foundation, prepared several questions for a series of small interviews, dedicated to both significant date and new phase of the Foundation’s history. Andrei Monastyrski, whose “Empty zones” project was displayed on 2011 Venice biennale and became very special for the Foundation, was the first who answered the questions:

1. The Foundation did a lot over the 20 years of its work. How would you like to evaluate it and what can you say about the Foundation’s role in the development of Russian contemporary art?

The Foundation made an excellent job! No doubt, its role is evident.

2. What exhibitions and projects of the Foundation you consider to be the most impressive?

Unfortunately, I can best recall only the exhibitions before 2015 since I’ve missed the following ones due to different reasons and circumstances. But the projects between 2005 and late 2010 were all remarkable! Especially the Foundation’s participation in three Venice biennale’s projects along with Moscow conceptual artists.

3. The Foundation has changed its location and will open the new space in Mercury Tower. The new venue is almost 10 times larger than the space on Skaryatinsky, which allows the Foundation to embody any wide-ranging project with its own resources. What are your expectations and what would you like to advise to the Foundation’s team regarding these changes?

I wish you, like to all people now, the end of dark times, peace, luck, and success!