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Elena Chernyak's interview about “The Ideal Museum. Renaissance Rediscovered“ premiere

Stella Art Foundation / 07 июля 2023 Elena Chernyak's interview about “The Ideal Museum. Renaissance Rediscovered“ premiere

1. All in all, what is your impression of this documentary’s premiere?

Of course, it was a unique and wonderful experience to present our film in the heart of Florence, in one of the most beautiful and legendary museums in the world. The presence of main Italian Renaissance painting and architecture masterpieces gives a very special context for our film. Also, it was very pleasant that the director of the Uffizi Gallery, Eike Schmidt, joined our presentation. He highly appreciated the result of our joint work with the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and Stella Art Foundation and once again reminded of the importance of cooperation between our countries in the field of culture.

2. What moment of the event you consider as the most memorizable?

Probably, the moment when the final shots of the film passed, the music still sounded and, right under the stars on the Uffizi Gallery courtyard, the audience started to applaud.

Spectators did not disperse after the show, they approached our crew to say some warm words, to thank us. The film was accepted by the public with great interest, it was a success! Of course, this is very important for us.

3. What can you say about the premiere’s guests?

There were many young faces — people not only from the professional community — which means that our project was interesting to a wide public. And when all chairs were occupied, guests sat on the steps by the colonnade on both sides and watched the documentary from there.

4. Would you like to join another international project of this kind in future?

Yes, that would be very interesting. Moreover, the way the film was accepted proves the importance of international cooperation.